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A New Daydream - Part 1: Rebranding

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first of many blog post here on our brand new website! We'll be blogging about games, products, and more. But to start us off, I'd like to begin with a series of blog entries that cover the relaunching of Daydream Gaming.

From the launch of our new site, to a complete rebrand, we're kicking off 2021 with a full relaunch.

In my first entry to the Relaunch Series I'd like to cover the rebranding aspect of the relaunch.

Back to the Beginning 

If you’re not familiar with our humble beginnings you can read the short story over on our About Us page. But to give you the gist of it - I had designed tokens for KeyForge and had them produced by someone with a laser. I was forced to order them in bulk so with the remaining pile of tokens I had I decided to open an Etsy shop to see if I could at least make my money back.


I ended up needing to order more to meet the demand. Then I ordered more, and more, and more and before I knew it Daydream Gaming was shipping orders all over the world. I never actually had the time to sit down and think about starting off on the right foot, at least in the context of branding and the image of our business. Even as a graphic designer by trade - I never had a moment to design a legitimate logo. I just threw some type together and got back to filling orders.

Here we are, two years later and we’re finally giving Daydream Gaming the rebranding it deserves. I’ve always known that we’d go through a rebrand eventually. The logo I threw together in 2018 was okay at best - definitely nothing special.

Even though logo design is one of my favorite branches of graphic design - I’ve always struggled with designing a logo for myself. So, over the past year or so I’ve bounced back and forth between designing logo concepts myself and hiring a freelance designer to give it a shot.


Throughout the whole process, I knew I wanted the design to lean into the daydream aspect of the brand. Day, sun, clouds, and dreaming were all elements I wanted to pull on. We spent months designing concepts with a cloud as the main icon or “mark”, but ultimately I felt like this was too generic.

I started thinking of ways to incorporate tabletop elements without blending into the many other logos in the industry. I wanted the representation of tabletop to be subtle so that the logo would be more unique and stand out from the crowd.

I started kicking around ways I could blend the two. Daydreaming + tabletop. A tabletop element in the sky. Could we make dice out of clouds - or have a D20 rising above clouds like a sunrise? I scrapped the dice idea since card games are primarily what we support... card games... cards... there it was.

A hand of cards floating in the clouds. So simple, yet it's the perfect representation of who we are.

 Since 2018 our mission hasn't changed. It has always been to enhance the experience of playing with those cards in the sky.

I couldn't be more happy with our new logo and branding and I hope you are too! 

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Keep Daydreaming,

Daniel Miller


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